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 2Guitar Teacher Business Card021

Tele. 01698 290525 or e-mail cmurra39@caledonian.ac.uk

Mobile 0775 468 4911

Guitar Information - Tone & Gear

With my knowledge and experience I'll let you know and advise you on strings(amazing what selecting the correct gauge can make to your playing and overall sound), amps, amp settings, effects and techniques used by the Masters.Even plectrum selection can affect your overall sound.

I'll show the tricks of harmonics,scrapes, alternate picking, double tapping, double stops, vibrato, slides, hammer ons/pull offs,trills, scales, etc. and also demonstrate how to best use them.

Good use of varying volumes can also prove an effective technique.

Best strings are D'Darrio, Ernie Ball or Elixir

Ever tried to get your guitar to sound just like Eric Clapton's, Jimi Hendrix, Gary Moore or Carlos Santana's, or any of your other favorite guitarists, but couldn't even get close? It can be a very frustrating ordeal, especially if you don't know what type of amp, guitar, or pedals that guitarist uses. With a good ear, you can often narrow down the possibilities somewhat, but there are very few of us who can accurately tell what type of distortion unit a guitarist uses, or what gauge of strings they use, without reading it somewhere, or at least seeing their gear firsthand.

 2Guitar Teacher Business Card021

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